Jammat Khana

The IIS Jamat Khana, which is situated at 330 Carmine Street Laudium concentrates on 4 aspects of life: The Religious, The Social, The Educational, and The Natural. When new Muslims are taught about Islamic aspects such as Sallah, wudhu etc, this is an ideal environment. In the afternoons, the Madressah kids utilize this facility. If the immediate members of the community need to use the structure, they are free to do so. Coupled with educating them, some of the kids coming from disadvantaged homes are fed and clothed.


Qurbani 2010

By the grace of Allah (swt), the IIS India Bihar District Operation Qurbani was successfully carried out, Alhamdulillah! Hafez Yusuf Joosub, the IIS representative flew to and on the following day, he was met by the other SA delegation that left earlier on. The group left for Delhi to connect to Patna via a train. Along the way, they faced endless hardship of interrogation by the authorities because their visit coincided with the recent bombings in India. Every roadblock they met was a nightmare as questions after questions were heaped upon them. Nevertheless