Bangladesh Floods - July 2004

As a multitude of people died and thousands forced to leave their homes in Bangladesh because of one of the worst floods in history, the IIS of SA was quick to coordinate and disburse aid to the affected areas. Nearly half a million people remained marooned in seven flood-hit districts in the country's North West and in the south. Fortunately, the aid eased the burden that was to be shouldered by the Bangladesh government. The medical supplies that were purchased helped those who succumbed to diarrhea in the southern district of Bangladesh.


Qurbani 2010

By the grace of Allah (swt), the IIS India Bihar District Operation Qurbani was successfully carried out, Alhamdulillah! Hafez Yusuf Joosub, the IIS representative flew to and on the following day, he was met by the other SA delegation that left earlier on. The group left for Delhi to connect to Patna via a train. Along the way, they faced endless hardship of interrogation by the authorities because their visit coincided with the recent bombings in India. Every roadblock they met was a nightmare as questions after questions were heaped upon them. Nevertheless